Wedding Rings

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A unique event in a couple's life can only be accompanied by unique elements. Giansanti jewellers have been assisting customers for over a century in these fundamental steps. Our philosophy in high jewellery is also carried in the approach to marriage: that is, the creation of unique objects, handmade according to the needs of our customers, exclusively for them, as a tailor creates a tailored suit. We always make handmade engagement rings and wedding rings in our labs. Engagement rings are a must for every pair of lovers, in our stores you can find rings with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and every other precious gem to be a symbol of eternal love. We offer the ability to draw an engagement ring that will then be made by our goldsmith masters. Clearly in the years the solitary diamond ring has become the classic example of engagement ring, and at our stores you will find a wide selection of diamonds that can be embedded in the ring you choose. Likewise, Giansanti’s wedding rings are handmade, and can be in any colour from gold, red, pink, yellow, and are tailor-made for customers. In the years we have selected a range of 40 of the most popular models to help customers choose, starting from these we can meet the needs of all our customers. Our pride has increased over the years to accompany our client base at every stage of life, starting from the engagement ring or celebratory gift for the youngest.

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