The gems and gold jewellery workshop at Giansanti Jewellery is directed by the architect / designer Roberto Giansanti, a graduate of Architecture, specialising in gemmology, and since 1975 has been a consultant for the Civil and Criminal Court of Rome, and is a former chairman of the College of Experts and Technical Advisers in Lazio. He is also an examiner for the Rome Chamber of Commerce on precious jewellery, horology, and antique Silverware, a Gemologist expert, "Certified Diamond Grader" of the HRD Antwerp, and a consultant for jewellery for several television channels. He has been working in the goldsmith industry and gem industry since 1967.

Here's an example of the services we offer:   

Goldsmith Workshop 

Jewellery alteration 

Design Valuations 

Watch repair and service 

Valuations and estimates of diamonds and coloured gems 

Valuations and estimates of ancient and modern jewels 

Valuations and estimates on ancient and modern silver 

Gemmological analysis on diamonds and precious stones in colour 

Investment consultancy on diamonds, metals and precious stones 

Valuations and estimates of safety deposit box contents 

Estimates and insurance valuations 

Inheritence estimates and assessments with breakdown 

 Judicial and extrajudicial technical consultations 

Assistance in opening security boxes 

Consultation on hereditary divisions for wills 

Inventories, historical-artistic attestations and authenticity 

Authentication of antique silver and jewellery markings 

Certification of machining technologies 

For more information, please visit us: 

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