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In Rome, Giansanti has been synonymous with jewels since Egidio Giansanti opened a shop in Via del Vecchio in the 1930s, using the inheritance from his father Enrico. In 1950, after the turmoil of World War II, he was forced to relocate the activity to Via Livorno, a few steps from Piazza Bologna, where the store still holds the same prestige, splendour, elegance. For the last 40 years, the son of Egidio, Roberto, has given his affectionate clientèle another pearl, the shop in Piazza Cuba (Parioli district). The Giansanti family over the years has worked for five different Popes: Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I (Pope Luciani, who had commissioned Giansanti to prioduce a breastplate, wasn’t delivered because of his sudden death) and John Paul II.

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For Pope Montini, two inspiring olive twigs were elaborated in gold, the first of which was taken by Paul VI to the Holy Land and is still preserved in the Nativity Chapel in Nazareth as a symbol of peace, the latter is in Uganda; and the Giansanti family has restored and personally cared for the treasure of the Madonna di Pompei. Roberto Giansanti values the image of expertise and professionalism that has always characterized the family, combining his commercial experience, the specialization in gemology that led him to become President of the College of Experts in Lazio, becoming examiner at the Chamber of Commerce of Rome and consultant for many television broadcasters.

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Roberto Giansanti is also one of the top experts used by the Court of Rome for his expertise in the jewellery sector; clients also can rely on his expertise and estimates for gems and jewellery. A gem produced by Giansanti Jewellery become a guarantee of unrepeatable value and authenticity.

Roberto Giansanti riceve dal Sindaco di Roma la nomina a Cavaliere del Commercio
Il Commendatore Egidio Giansanti consegna a Paolo VI il ramoscello d'ulivo tuttora custodito nella Chiesa della Natività di Nazareth
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giansanti arte orafa romana
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